November 13 - 14, 2015
BYU Wilkinson Student Center
Provo, UT
Attire Specifications for Schools Syllabus Events


Girls entered in all syllabus events must dress as listed below.

(1) A black skirt and a white top must be worn.

(2) Skirts

  • (a) Plain or pleated with minimum 1 to maximum 3 half circles. One plain simple underskirt allowed which is no larger or longer than top layer, and is the same or similar color as the outer skirt 
  • (b) No uneven hem lines, use of boning, frills, splits, openings, fishing line, or edging (including "lettuce edging").  Edging or trim of any kind, including ribbon, satin, lace, sequins, etc, is not allowed.  A simple hem is required. 
  • (c) Length of skirt must be at least knee length 

(3) Bodice

  • (a) Necklines: Boat, high neck, v-neck, sweetheart, 'peter pan' collar, and regular collar are allowed.  Edging or trim of any kind, including ribbon, satin, lace, sequins, etc, is not allowed on the neckline 
  • (b) Gathering or shirring on the bodice is not allowed 
  • (c) Edging or trim on the bodice is not allowed 

(4) Sleeves

  • (a) Long, short, elbow length, cap, or puff styles are allowed 
  • (b) Cannot be replaced by trimmings, frills, or edging on the shoulder line 
  • (c) No "finger loops" allowed

(5) Materials

  • (a) No glitter, metallic thread, or fabric creating pattern effects' 
  • (b) No use of feathers, fringes, bows, belts, frills or sequins 
  • (c) No flesh color fabric 
  • (d) Any use of color coordinated 'see through' fabric must be lined from waist to shoulder; for use on arms no lining is needed 
  • (e) Satin or lace (or similar fabric) is not allowed.  Lycra, Spandex, Polyester, plain velvet, and jersey is encouraged. 

(6) Shoes - no restrictions

(7) Socks/Hose - Must wear white ankle socks (may have a small amount of lace), hose, or fishnet tights

(8) Accessories, jewelry, and makeup

  • (a) No use of arm bands, chokers or headbands 
  • (b) No decoration is allowed on dress or in hair 
  • (c) No jewelry is allowed, other than one small earring in each ear 
  • (d) Basic makeup is allowed for Elementary School girls.  
  • (e)Competition makeup is allowed for Junior High School and High School girls



Boys entered in all syllabus events must dress as listed below.

(1) Trousers 

  • (a) Must be black 
  • (b) High waist optional 
  • (c) Underfoot strap optional 
  • (d) Satin stripes are allowed. 

(2) Shirts

  •  (a) Plain white long sleeved collared shirt only (no wing collars) 
  • (b) No pleats or ribbing 
  • (c)Sleeves to be worn at wrist length

(3) Sweaters and vests are not allowed. 

(4) Tie - Black color only, may be either straight or bow 

(5)Socks -  Black only 

(6) Shoes- no restrictions 

(7) Materials - Fabrics must be plain, ie: cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blend, wool blend 

  • (a) No satin or shiny fabrics 
  • (b) No rhinestones, glitter, metallic thread, patterns or sequins allowed 
  • (c) Decorations - not allowed 

(8)Makeup - not allowed 

(9) Hairstyle - Long hair must be worn in a pony tail


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