November 14 - 15, 2014
BYU Wilkinson Student Center
Provo, UT
BYU 2014 DanceSport Championships Event Roster

Listed below are the Amateur and School Syllabus Events
that will be offered at this years BYU Dancesport Championships.
Online entry will be available shortly.

  • Elementary School
    • Elementary School - Newcomer American (Cha Cha) Saturday
    • Elementary School - Syllabus American (Swing) Saturday
    • Elementary School - Syllabus Ballroom (Waltz) Saturday
    • Elementary School - Syllabus Latin (Samba) Saturday
  • Junior High School
    • Newcomer American (Cha Cha) Saturday
    • Syllabus Ballroom (Waltz) Saturday
    • Syllabus Latin (Samba) Saturday
  • High School
    • Newcomer American (Cha Cha) Friday
    • Syllabus Ballroom (Quickstep) Friday
    • Syllabus Latin (Rumba) Friday

  • Am. Cabaret Championship - Saturday
  • Am. Ballroom Chmpshp(W,T,VW,F,QS) Saturday
  • Am. Latin Championship (C,S,R,PD,J) Friday 
  • Am. Smooth Championship (W,T,F,VW) Friday
  • Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) Friday
  • Pre-Championship Latin (C,S,R) Saturday
  • Pre-Champ Rhythm (CC,B,M) Friday
  • Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) Saturday
  • Novice Ballroom (W,Q) Saturday
  • Novice Latin (S,R) Friday
  • Novice Smooth (W,F) Friday
  • Youth Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) Friday
  • Youth Latin (C,S,R,PD,J) Saturday
  • Youth Smooth (W,T,F,VW) Friday
  • Youth Pre-Chmpshp Ballroom (W,T,Q) Saturday
  • Youth Pre-Championship Latin (C,S,R) Friday
  • Junior I Ballroom (W,T,Q) Friday
  • Junior I Latin (C,S.PD) Saturday
  • Junior I Rhythm (C,SW,M) Friday
  • Junior I & II Combined Smooth (W,T,F) Saturday
  • Junior II Ballroom (W,T,Q) Friday
  • Junior II Latin (C,S,PD) Saturday
  • Junior II Rhythm (C,SW,M) Friday
  • Junior I &II Smooth (W,T,F) Saturday

  • Pre-Teen I & II Ballroom (W,Q) Saturday
  • Pre-Teen I & II Latin (C,S) Saturday


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