November 9 - 10, 2018
Provo, UT
Costume Specifications for Junior, Youth, & Adult



Below are the costume specifications for all amateur costumed events. No entry will be considered fully accepted without final costume approval. All Adult Amateur, Youth, Junior II, and Junior I costumes of competitors residing in Utah should be approved by Sharon Holman (801) 623-2911 (Mobile) prior to October 26, 2016. All competitors must be approved no later than one hour before their event. Please contact Sharon Holman with any additional questions or concerns.  Additionally, competitors who reside outside of Utah may text or email photos fo their costumes to Sharon at any time if they wish to address any questions.  Her email address is and her mobile phone number is listed above.

1. Regular cut dance trunks and fishnet hose must be worn (Fishnet hose will not be required for the International Ballroom style).
2. Straps over both shoulders of at least one inch in width are required. If multiple straps go over a shoulder at least one strap must be the required one inch width from front to back. Halter tops or designs that resemble them are not permitted unless they also have the required one inch straps.
3. Lower backs must be covered with a solid fabric from a point five (5) inches above the waist line.
4. Sheer fabric may be used on the arms and the bodice in the front from the bust-line up and in the back from a point five inches above the waist. Straps are not required when colored sheer fabric is used over the shoulders.
5. Skirts may be broken or slitted from the trunk line down, but must cover the legs to mid-thigh when not in motion.
6. Skin from the front to a point several inches behind the sides (axilla-line) must be covered.
7. Cutouts, sheer, and skin-tone fabric will not be allowed if deemed by the organizers to be inappropriate.
8. Unitards are not allowed.

1. Costumes appropriate to the style.
2. Latin shirts for Adult Amateur, Under 21, and Youth competitors may be open to a point eight inches down from the Supra Sternal Notch (Jugular Notch) .
3. Latin shirts for Junior I and Junior II competitors may be open down to the sternum.
4. Sheer fabric may only be worn on the arm. No sleeveless shirts.


Curt Holman, Lee Wakefield, and Brent Keck
288 Richards Building
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT  84602

Tel: (801) 422-4623